“Today we cultivate the future by preserving the knowledge of the past.”.

Sannio vineyards,
treasures of Taburno

In the picturesque lands of Sannio, at the foot of the majestic Taburno Mountain, you can find the enchanting vineyards of Sannio production, captivating with their beauty and productivity. This region, also known as “the sleeping beauty of Sannio,” stands as a hidden gem, shining among the hills and valleys, offering a unique atmosphere and an extraordinary territory for vine cultivation.

The lands surrounding Monte Taburno boast a millennia-old history in the production of fine wines. The altitude, sun exposure, and soil composition create an ideal microclimate for vine cultivation, bestowing upon the wines a distinctive characteristic and superior quality. The gentle hills and sun-drenched slopes allow the grapes to mature slowly, developing a complex aromatic profile and a rich flavor.