Cantine Iorio is the result of a strong winemaking passion that combines past and present to affect the consumer transmitting him the deep bond between us and this land.

It all started in this way…

Cantine Iorio is the project realized by two brothers with the desire of continuing a long family and territory tradition. As usual at that time, either their great-grandfather and their grandfather cultivated grapes, processed them and then stored the wine in big wood oaks waiting that merchants of near cities would have bought it. Following their ancestors’ footsteps, Pietro and Luca have loved the wine since the beginning. In the early ‘90s Pietro, a little older than twenty, decides to open a company to conjugate passion and work.

“There is not anything better that waking up every morning and committing to something that you love deeply. I am proud of the territory I was born in and I would like to make everyone know, through my wines, its hills completely covered by vines” (Pietro)

The small family cellar, where the great-grandfather, the grandfather and the father Rolando processed the grapes, finally comes back to life together with the tools his ancestors used to work with: the wood press, the tanks for wine and the big wood oak. Some years after Luca, the younger brother, decides to dedicate his life working in the world of wine.

“The smells that came out from wood oaks where the wine was preserved, made me desire the will of taking up an activity that, starting from a long farmer tradition, looked to the future.” (Luca)